Drive-In Movie Etiquette. Please read carefully before making your reservation. 

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made online with a credit card at or by calling the box office at 250-774-2241 from 1PM - 4PM on weekdays or during evening box office hours from 6PM - 8PM Friday to Monday. 


Can I leave my vehicle engine running during the movie?

We ask that all vehicles be turned off during the show. The only exception is if your window has fogged and you need to temporarily start your engine to clear your glass or warm up. Other than that please keep your vehicle off. If you need to run your vehicle during the show, apply the parking brake before starting the engine. That way your day time running lights won’t turn on. Do not engage your brake lights and leave your headlights off. The movies are best enjoyed when there are no distractions.


How do I hear the film?

Turn your key to the “accessory” position and tune your radio to 87.9FM to hear the film. There is no app to listen to the movie soundtrack; an FM tuner is required. If you do not have an FM tuner in your vehicle stereo you will need to bring a portable battery powered boombox or radio. We do not provide radios or power.


What if my vehicle battery dies?

The "accessory" position will consume very little power. If you're concerned about your car battery you can bring a portable battery powered boombox or radio. If your battery dies we have booster packs available for anyone that needs a boost after the film.


What time should I arrive?

Arrive early to avoid delays. It’s recommended to arrive at least 20 minutes before show time.


Where will I park?

Select your parking spot when purchasing online. Staff will show you to your spot and help you park so that you have the best view of the screen.  

Can I get in after the show starts?

No, once the movie starts there will be no admission, even if you are reserved. If you are late you lose your spot, so don’t be late! No refunds!


Can I bring my own food?

Those who wish to bring their own food will require a "food permit" at a cost of $5 per vehicle. We ask that you please support our organisation by purchasing your concessions from us. We have great prices and the popcorn is popped fresh! The concession is open inside upon arrival and will close 15 minutes after the film starts.  


Can I sit outside?

We ask that all patrons remain in their vehicle. However, you can sit in the box of your truck or park your SUV backwards and open your hatch. The hatch must be tied down to the level of the roof to not disturb those behind you. 

Are washrooms available?

Yes, the theatre lobby will be open for washroom visits.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Dogs are welcome at the Phoenix Theatre drive-in! We admire your dog’s free spirit, but all dogs must be leashed while outside the car and are encouraged to stay inside the vehicle for the duration of the film. If possible, please have your pup use the washroom before arrival. Only service animals are allowed inside the theatre lobby.  Doggy waste bags are available upon request. And for dog sakes, if your fluff is a barkasaurus, keep him home!

What happens if it rains?

The movie plays rain or shine or snow. In the case of severe adverse weather or cancellation we will issue vouchers for your next film. There are no refunds.

Can I use movie passes to pay for admission?

At this time we are not accepting regular movie passes for drive-in films.  We will accept concession vouchers inside at the concession.

Can I leave and come back in?

No. There are no in and out privileges.

Can I let my children run around the parking lot?

No. Remember there are cars driving around and restrictions on physical distancing in place. Please keep in yourself and your family members inside the vehicle unless you need to use the washroom facilities.

How many cases of beer am I allowed to bring in?

Zero alcohol of any kind. Drinking and driving is against the law. Please leave the beer at home – no alcohol allowed on the premises.

Can I smoke?

We ask that patrons refrain from smoking while watching the film. There are no designated smoking areas and patrons must remain in their vehicles unless they need washroom facilities.